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 Go For A walk is a musical VR experience emphasizing non-linearity and user interaction. Unlike other musical games and experiences, Go For A Walk has no set beginning or end. Instead the musical environment evolves as you engage your surroundings, creating a dynamic arrangement through natural VR interaction.

The joy of making music is something I discovered late in life, and my goal with Go For A Walk is to share that joy with others. There's nothing quite like getting lost in sounds you make yourself, and the sensory immersion of VR makes the experience personal and highly responsive.

Catch me on Twitch! I'll be streaming Go For A Walk live every day of the week leading up to BFIG!


Or come see me at the Boston Festival of Indie Games this month! I'll have demos set up with the Oculus Rift and Oculus GO and it'll be a good time! I promise!

Go For A Walk is currently in development with an expected release in December 2018 on

  • Oculus Rift
  • HTC Vive
  • GearVR
  • Google Daydream

So please stay tuned!


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I think pets in VR is a powerful idea. I suppose we will be able to teach them to speak. 

Hey not important, 

[s] Yes, they can speak, but only in an obscure dialect of Simlish [/s]

- John